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Business Support

Business/office processes and management

I'll help you feel more organised and become more efficient by streamlining and refocusing your business/office processes.

If you're local to me, I can work on-site

with you.

Project Management

Need help to launch a new project? Want someone to source and book local tradespeople for a home improvement project? I have many years' project management experience so can organise, communicate and problem-solve for you.

Email Management

Nobody likes a full inbox! I can manage your emails, create folders, flag up the important stuff and answer your frequently asked questions. An organised inbox helps eliminate stress.

Time/Diary management

When business is booming it's tricky to find the time to oversee everything. So let me manage your diary, arrange appointments, and research and book your travels and reservations.

Data entry and data processing

With proven experience of accurate and fast data entry, I'll ensure that all the data you generate as a business is entered and stored for future use.


First impressions are key, so before you send out your next newsletter, report or post a new web page or blog, use me to proofread it from A to Z.


Need some information for a blog? Want to discover who your competitors are and what they're up to? Then leave this important, but time-consuming, exercise to me.

Website administration

Your website is your shop window. Is your site up-to-date with your current services and prices? Are you happy with the images? If not, I can support you by updating your site.

“"Focus on the things you love to do and leave the time zapping stuff to be sorted by Sal"”

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